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Our Mission - Standing in the gap

To fund and manage projects that can improve and nurture the lives of children and youth living in conditions of need, hardship, and distress. It is our desire to "stand in the gap" for the disadvantaged children and youth in Asia and the rest of the world - the gap in basic provisions opportunities and privileges that prevent young people from living a full life.

Gap Fengcheng Children's Home(Hongyanjia)

In Hongyanjia we are a large family with many brothers and sisters living together and helping each other. Our children share one family name "Hong". Through home schooling we teach them basic living and working skills, and right values. We guide them in their worldview and perspective on life, leading them down the path of truth.


辽宁省凤城市草河区保卫村六组 118100
E-mail: hongyanjiagap@163.com